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Learn Magic

09/02/14 11:12:24

Some say that magic is a dying art.  Then let's revive the art.  Modern magic is growing with technology, but its basest forms have been documented for years.  Here are some great resources to get you started.

While some of this is difficult to understand without visuals (and the book does a good job of illustrating), the book is the basis for many of the sleights used to day in both coin magic and street magic.

Not only does this book teach you classic and modern magic, but Joshua Jay provides some of the best performing tips you can get for your money!

Pre-order another book by Joshua Jay that's soon to be [sold] out. Much of today's magic is geared toward either the unexperienced or the highly experienced and there are a handful that are written for the younger audience (e.g. Klutz, ... For Dummies). Joshua Jay has contributed to Magic Magazine for years, so I don't expect him to disappoint with this book.